For about 100 years the scientists had the wrong head on some dinosaur bones.

Brontosaurus is the name of a dinosaur that is found in books prior to 1989.  It is pictured as a gigantic creature with an unusually long neck and
tail. Although the Brontosaurus is one of the most widely known dinosaurs, it never really existed.  There was a conflict among diggers and one
group put the wrong bones together to construct the giant dinosaur. The wrong head remained for about 100 years even though many people
knew it was wrong.   

Unfortunately we have a similar dinosaur problem in Physics. Many people know that light is relative and additive across frames while time and
space are constant.  It is time to get rid of the dinosaur problem in physics.  
Three 100 year science blunders
Siphon description error

An Australian physicist has uncovered an error in dictionary definitions that has likely stood uncorrected for a century.

Stephen Hughes found that entries for the word 'siphon' incorrectly said atmospheric pressure is the force that allows the device to move liquids
from one place to another.

It is gravity that moves the fluid in a siphon, with the water in the longer downward arm pulling the water up the shorter arm,  he said.
Inertial frame considered to be stationary instead of moving.

For 100 years, an inertial frame has been considered to be stationary instead of in a state of constant, uniform motion with respect to other
frames. It is a mistake to consider a train inertial frame to be stationary instead of moving at a constant uniform motion. In Einstein’s train
thought experiment, the train’s constant uniform motion is excluded as a reason for the train passenger's movement from the mid point
between of two simultaneous events.  The train inertial frame motion causes the different arrival times for the lights because the light travels
different distances.  The thought experiment concludes time is meaningless because the distance for the light travel is different for the two
simultaneous events.    This 100 year science blunder has been exposed.  
“Breaking the Maya Code” is a documentary that supports the argument that Einstein and his supporters are wrong.

In early work, the leading experts where wrong.  They used their prominence to stifle accurate work by relatively unknown or less prominent
people.  Eventually the advancements came from people who weren’t trained or controlled by the prominent masters who clung to their flaws.  
One of the biggest breakthrough came from a child who hadn’t been trained and held captive by the flawed ideas of the mistaken masters.  

First there was a river running through a flatland.

- Then there was a volcano that formed a dam that blocked the river so a lake was formed.

- Then the river topped the dam which caused the volcano dam to break causing the first flood that formed a wide canyon.

Second: there was a river going through the first wide canyon.

- Then there was another volcano that formed another dam that blocked the river so another lake was formed.

- Then the river topped the dam which caused the volcano dam to break causing the next flood that formed a deeper but not as wide canyon

Several times more, there were rivers going through the canyon.

- There were more volcano formed dams that blocked the river so more lakes were formed.

- Each time,  the river topped the dams which caused the volcano dams to break causing the more floods that formed a deeper but not as wide
canyon structure.

This is as I speculated several years ago after visiting the canyon and learning about the dormant volcano at the head of the canyon.

Copyright Don E. Sprague.  14 November 2007