ODES by Don Edward Sprague about 1961

Ode to Slaw


Raw slaw

Chaw raw slaw

Pa chaw raw slaw

Pa, with his chawer chawed raw slaw

Ma with her slawer is slawing

Pa raw slaw is chawing

Ode to a pastry or Ode to Pie


My pie

Fly my Pie

Fly high my pie

Fly high in the sky my pie

Then land my pie, my pie in my plate

Fly high my pie in the sky, then you will be ate.

Don E. Sprague

COPYRIGHT.  All rights reserved.

Background: When in class one day, the teacher
read one or two odes.  As a lark, I wrote the two
odes in just a few minutes. At an opportune
time, I raised my hand and told the teacher of my
new Odes. She asked me to read the odes.  The
class laughed.